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          the internet makes job hunting more efficient

          the rapid development of the internet gives rise to the phenomenon of applying for jobs online. it is commonplace to submit one's resume and recommendation letters via the internet and a large number of graduates are employed via online tests. i would like to focus on one major advantage which is that job hunting becomes more efficient when it is done online.

          one of the pronounced advantages of online job hunting is that it is more efficient since potential candidates do not have to travel to other cities where the job is. the rise of online interviews provides even more convenience both for the employees and the employers. furthermore, graduates can get access to considerably more information online since there are a number of websites dedicated to job hunting. the internet has rendered the whole process more effective and efficient. graduates can select several categories and narrow down their options. in a way, the internet serves as a gigantic database and matches graduates with their potential employers. however, it is undeniable that an online interview can only reflect some aspects of a candidate. i believe that in order to gauge a person's potential and aptitude face-to-face interview is imperative. in conclusion, the efficiency and effectiveness of the internet for job seekers is a huge advantage which is reflected in the growing number of positions available online.


          the advantages of private schools

          the past two decades have witnessed the thriving of private schools in china. nowadays, learning institutions are no longer run solely by the state. personally, i believe that the merits of private schools outweigh their demerits.

          a threshold advantage of private schools is that they have more freedom compared to their public counterparts in terms of choosing curriculum. therefore, students are more likely to receive an education catering to their individual aptitudes. furthermore, previously all schools, whether primary, high school or university, were operated by the state and this kind of uniformity has adversely affected diversity. students are taught the same subjects regardless of their own inclinations. however, this trend may be altered by the birth and development of private schools which are equipped with ample resources. new buildings, the latest multimedia technology, larger campuses and well-paid teaching staff all contribute to a better teaching and studying environment. in addition, for students who fail to be enrolled in any public school or university, private schools are seen to be an alternative solution which enables students to pursue their study. this results in increased places for students and also more jobs a ailable for teachers. another factor is smaller class sizes and more individual contact with teachers.

          in the final analysis,on balance i hold the stance that the introduction of private schools is advantageous both to students and to the development of education as a whole.


          one major advantage of electronic dictionaries

          electronic dictionaries are becoming more and more popular among students nowadays. as a result, they may eventually render printed dictionaries obsolete! undeniably electronic dictionaries contain a number of merits in comparison to their printed counterparts and therefore, i would like to suggest one major advantage of electronic dictionaries.

          perhaps the most pronounced advantage of electronic dictionaries is that all of them are portable and consequently easy to carry around, whether in a pocket or a bag. students can put the dictionary in their pocket and look up new words whenever and wherever they are. this is a huge advantage over the traditional large paper bound dictionary because size really does matter. this compactness means not only that electronic dictionaries are getting smaller and lighter as well as incorporating a bigger memory but also that dictionaries can be installed into other small portable devices such as mobile phones. although smaller in some people's view means less availability of memory and other functions, with the increasing advances made in nanotechnology this is no longer the cases.

          in the final analysis, electronic dictionaries are the by-product of the inexorable progress of computerization, miniaturization and nanotechnology which has meant that one of their biggest advantages is their small size while still enjoying all the benefits of earlier, larger models.



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